Internal error in Cloudflare - code 1225 - can't change free plan to PRO or Business


we have a problem with “change plan” for websites we get error code 1225
and we have a problem when we want to try add second bank card which sure works too we get code 10000.


This is a second error with code 10000 and we can’t change bank card too. but our current credit card valid and work prorer

Thanks for any help.




thanks but request already created - 30 hours - no answer


Post the ticket number and @cloonan should be able to follow up.


Ticket number is 1622976 @cloonan

Please help.


Hi @a.lubenets, sorry you’re having issues, I’ll tag myself on the ticket. Did you try to remove the old form of payment before adding the other? Investigating…


I’ve added myself the the ticket and investigated. The team is aware of this issue and are working on it, sorry for the issue. Can you confirm the browser you were using when you encountered the error? (We’ve seen this happen in non-chrome browsers more consistently than with Chrome)

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I was using non-chrome browsers (Safari, Firefox) but it has issue the same as Chrome.
So for our company problem is on all browsers.


Thank you @a.lubenets, I’ll add that on the ticket. I’ll post back here as I see updates.


Hi @a.lubenets, I see the engineering team is on this and I’ll post back when I see an update.


FYI: I’m currently experiencing the same issue. As soon as i try to upgrade from Free to Pro, this error occurs. A few minutes before, i was able to purchase a domain transfer.


Hi @Sascha, really sorry about the issue you’re hitting. This is most likely related to the Billing System Upgrade detailed on The updates are phased over the maintenance window, can you try again in a bit?


As if I had a choice :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re using firefox, can you try it in google chrome?


Hi @cloonan, we are having a similar issue. We have a business subscription and have uploaded a custom SSL certificate but it has disappeared and our production system is throwing a ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH!

It wont let me put myself back onto the business subscription or upload a new certificate or use a universal dedicated certificate!

I have created a ticket 1638071.


Even though this page says work on billing system has complete, we still can’t upgrade one of sites to Pro plan. When I press Purchase button it returns ‘Internal Error setting zone to new plan. Please contact Cloudflare Support. (Code: 1225)’. What should we do? How long should we wait for fix?


Hi @sergei.b, sorry you’re still seeing issues. The migration is complete and the team is working to resolve the issues you’re setting. I apologize for the issue you’re seeing. If you open a ticket with the support team, please share the number here so we can keep track of it.