Internal Error 503

Hi Guys,
I have not had cloud flare on for a few months due to 503 errors, cloudflare blamed my host, host blamed cloundflare.

Last now, i changed the name server back to cloudflare, added site and that, then this morning 503, site has been working ok without cloudflare, however, i want to enchance speed and user experience, i do not know who to trust anymore

5xx errors almost always come from the server. Without access to your host’s logs, we can’t diagnose the problem. It’s not unheard of for a host to blame Cloudflare instead of troubleshooting.

When you see the 503 error, does it look like a Cloudflare error page, or a generic 503 error page? A screenshot would be helpful.

I have moved hosting company, fingers crossed, no really issues as yet, move to siteground


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