Internal domain not accessing external website after switching DNS to cloudflare

I recently moved our nameservers to Cloudflare from godaddy for our domain. Since then everything works except when trying to access the external website form our internal domain. We have a www record in our internal DNS pointed to the external IP of the website but since moving it now displays our internal website not the external one as it used to. I am sure the problem is in the setup but I cannot find where or why as we copied everything over from godaddy DNS to Cloudflare.

Hello there,

Would you be more specific? Are you talking about domain & subdomain here?

I thought it sounded like a case of split DNS to compensate for the use of an apex domain as an Active Directory domain, but with the current level of detail it’s hard to know what is going on here.

Sorry for the delay but I have been ill.

We have a local windows domain with the same name as the external external domain.

The internal domain has it’s own DNS Servers that resolve DNS names for the internal devices. In the past we have only had to add a www Host(A) record to the internal DNS server pointing to the external IP of the website and users connected to the internal domain can access the hosted website on the external domain. When we moved the external DNS to Cloudflare as we wanted to use some of Cloudflare functions when we try and access the website from the internal domain we get site cannot be found. This is the same message we would get when we did not have the www record added to the internal domain DNS.

I am not sure if I need to add something else to the internal DNS Records or something in the Cloudflare ones.


To save yourself this pain in the future, use a subdomain or a dedicated alternate domain for Windows Active Directory. I prefer the subdomain approach, but either one prevents the namespace collision that is at the root of your problem.

When you query the name of the external site from an internal host, what recursive server responds to your query?
Is it your AD DNS?
Does the answer match your expectations?
Does it match the answer returned for the same query conducted from an outside location?

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