Internal DNS server with hosted cloudflare website

We have a website hosted with cloudlare and all internal systems are not able to access the site.

'This Site cannot be reached"

The site can be reached when not on the internal network.

What is the correct way to solve this issue wit our internal dns servers?


Your internal DNS servers need to resolve the correct IP address. Do they resolve the correct address?

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Why I am getting this error. ## Error 500: internal server error. Can anyone fix it. Here is my domain url

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I ended up deleting the secondary domain on our DNS server since we don’t have users authenticating or any systems that use that domain internally. Now all secondary domain DNS lookups go external.

We created the secondary domain because of adding the domain to an alias to our SMTP address. Did some testing after removing the secondary domain and 24 hours later, we aren’t seeing any issues.

Thanks for anyone that helped on this question.

You have pointed what? You shouldn’t need to point anything, you simply need to resolve to the correct address. What’s the domain?

Sorry edited my reply.

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