Internal DNS problem


Our internal network has been setup with the same domain as our external website.

We currently point a www record at the server IP (acquia) - this works but obviously means we don’t get cloudflare’s management and SSL etc

I’m wondering if there’s any way to actually get our internal DNS to resolve to cloudflare?


Setting your internal domain name as your external public domain is fine. Not really familiar with Acquia but your DNS forwarders can certainly point to and

Thanks but I think the issue is Cloudflare doesn’t give you an IP it works on CNAME records?

Essentially I want to know what IP can I put on the www record to make it resolve via Cloudflare

Sorry I originally thought you may have had Split Zone, where the name is the same internally and externally for www.

Maybe I haven’t explained it very clearly.

The internal domain is set up as which means that going to that address internally just displays the internal server.

So we added an A record with www that goes to and resolves to the external website. But this is direct to the server rather than via Cloudflare

I am afraid it is not quite clear to me what you want to achieve.

You are talking about one of your domains, which is on/behind Cloudflare, correct? Not about Cloudflare’s public resolver, right?

What is the issue then? You simply need to configure your internal resolver to forward respective requests to Cloudflare (or a public resolver) and you will be routed to Cloudflare.

Sorry my bad!

When an internal user enters the website address they should go via Cloudflare as any external user currently does.

But for some reason the www record has been setup to go direct to the server due I think to the fact that Cloudflare won’t provide an IP address for an A record?

So what I want is for people internally to access the website via Cloudflare - as we are having to maintain 2 SSL certificates just so people internally can access the website!

Are you referring to the server certificate? That you have to maintain anyhow, regardless of Cloudflare or not.

We shouldn’t need an SSL certificate on the server and on cloudflare surely?

You definitely do. One is for the proxies, one is for your server.

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