Internal DNS hostname pointed to traffic load balancing pool

Our company uses internal DNS because we have some hostnames in the format of [host].[domain] that are only available and configured internally. We are using CloudFlare for our external DNS. We have some systems where our internal DNS for [host].[domain] is configured as an alias for one of the internal servers providing content for [host].[domain], in CloudFlare the record for [host].[domain] is configured in load balancing as a pool. What I would like to be able to do is configure our internal reference to an alias that will return the IP addresses of the load balanced pool so that internal users are hitting the load balanced CloudFlare pool as well. Is there an alias or any way to configure that?

Please note that since the same domain name is used internally and externally the alias would need to reference another hostname outside of our domain like [host].[otherdomain].

Bump. I also have this question.

Yes I guess there are serveral ways one could achieve this in a split brain scenario.

Assume I have and want to achieve this.

I can create a Cloudflare loadbalancer called and point my www record at Cloudflare to it. In my internal DNS I could do a couple of things…

  1. I could point www to and then in my internal DNS do a NS delegation for to my Cloudflare nameserver pair for
  2. I could create a cname target of which points to either or

I don’t think that our DNS servers can handle delegation for a specific hostname, as opposed to a sub domain. But option number 2 is exactly what I was looking for.


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