Intermittent timeouts (posible SSL certificates)

Good Morning,

I am having intermittent timeouts on almost all of my websites.

I have tried everything, it seems as if it were a dns problem that something related to SSL certificates did not work well.

It turns out that the websites that give me problems all have SSL.

I did not touch anything on the server and from one day to the next everything started to go wrong.

It is as if cloudfare has changed some dns.

Please see if someone can guide me to understand what can happen.

an example page is:

Your site is currently not proxied and timed out -

I am afraid thats an issue on your server and needs to be fixed there.

I have removed the automatic redirect I have done a google pagespeed test with http and with https. Http is working fine but https seems to be either not working or very slow.

I am afraid that is something you will need to discuss with your host or server administrator. If the server does not respond in time, Cloudflare won’t be able to return anything either.

Something like StackExchange or Reddit might be a good place to discuss such server issues.

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