Intermittent timeout loading images

Hoping someone can help me with image loading issue I am currently having. It randomly timeout image loading when I enabled cloudflare. When i pause cloudflare so that it hit my server directly all images loaded with no issue. I have not make any change recently and I only notice this issue recently.

my website is

This is when cloudflare is enabled:

This is when cloudflare is disabled the whole page took less then a second to load. Unfortunately I am unable to upload this image as I am a new user and can only upload 1 image.

The same thing happen when I put in to development mode, image randomly timeout.

Anyone experience this issue? Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is the image when I disabled cloudflare

How large are these images in megapixels? can you provide a url?

I have provided in my first post. But here it is

Ok, I thought original issue is linked to Images product, but it’s not.

There are issues for Cloudflare reaching out your origin.

I’d suggest to go through this route Troubleshooting Cloudflare 5XX errors · Cloudflare Support docs and contact customer support once all details are collected for further investigation.

Thanks for your response. Yes i am aware of the timeout to my host. I want to know why as when I pause cloudflare and hit my server directly it work’s fine. When I turn cloudflare back on and check my server log only a handful of the connection make it through and it’s random too. If I reload the page different image would timeout.

I also notice that turn on cloudflare the same image that took millisecs now took seconds to load. Anyway I see if I can get some help from support because this stump me. Else I just have to run off proxie and goes straight to my server.

Sorry this has been happening.

One thing that is definitely worth checking is if there are any rate limits or blocks with your hosting provider.

Rate limitings is a very common cause of 522 errors. This is because when you are on Cloudflare all requests will appear to be coming from Cloudflare IPs.

Thanks, I got a feeling that might be it too. As I stated disabled cloudflare and the loading is fast, the moment I swich on cloudflare it timeout intermittently. So there’s a good chance that my ISP is rate limit traffic from cloudflare. Anyway, thanks for all the input. I will pause Cloudflare for now until I get this sorted with my ISP.

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