Intermittent SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR only in specific cases?


We’re having a strange issue that seems to have started occurring only recently without any changes to SSL or DNS setup.

  1. When some users copy a link to our domain and paste it without the prepending https://, (i.e. pasting into an Incognito address bar directly, they get a repeatable ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome.

  2. However, when clicking the link directly from a page in another tab, it loads fine. Even if the clicked link does not include the “https://”.

Strangely, this can’t be reproduced at all for us on our side in any of the conditions (incognito, different devices, changed DNS gateway, with/without https:// prepended), but multiple users have provided videos of this occurring.

Any ideas what could cause this?


More info:

Our domain is using the Flexible SSL settings. We have “Always Use HTTPS” and “Opportunistic Encryption” turned on.

The ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR is one directly from Chrome, not the Cloudflare error page, so it doesn’t seem like it’s reaching Cloudflare at all.

Have you checked this #CommunityTip

That may not be the best option. You may check this:

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