Intermittent SSL handshake & general errors happening only from Kentucky area

Intermittent SSL handshake & general errors happening only from Kentucky area. User in Nebraska is reaching website without errors.

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New to the community late last night while in the middle of some technical difficulties. Thank you for the suggestions.

  1. landbigfish dot com (url won’t seem to post correctly) IT Director looking into possible causes.
  2. Expect pages to load correctly but intermittently receiving Cloudflare error pages including 525 and sluggish page loading, with images in particular taking longer to load than normal.
  3. Here goes! We were able to reproduce this issue on Kentucky user’s end. User in Nebraska was not able to reproduce however. Appears to be random but seems to be Cloudflare endpoint related for one specific region. Attempted to rule out core server and database error possibilities. Looked at server logs for signs of TLS cert issues but could not find signs of relevant issues in Windows Logs or IIS logs as well.

Cloudflare automated response and help points to the cipher suite being incorrect on the origin server. Verified that the origin cert was good and that TLS is setup correctly. Looked at blocked IPs and did find that a Cloudflare IP was being blocked on the site level but removed that IP and it did not appear to solve the issue. Also verified the cipher suites listed on Cloudflare cipher suites for TLS were enabled on the server.

Troubleshooted for over 4 hours last night and things slowly started to get better with Cloudflare page errors stopping toward the end with only slower picture load times apparently seen then, if at all. Checked again this morning and pictures are often slow to load again. One Cloudlfare page error has been spotted so far. I’ll try to grab a screen shot of the next one I see.
4. No screenshot available currently…
5. Error 525.
6. Ticket #3056000

Hi @media12,

Responded on ticket 3056000.

Thank you.

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