Intermittent SSL Handshake error

Hi Guys, since yesterday i’ve been getting intermittent “ERROR 525 SSL Handshake failed” on some of my webapps/sites. raised a ticket with CF and thats of no help. can someone assist?

i tried the following:

  1. Can confirm the site is using valid certs and nothing has changed on the server side
  2. bypass CF and it works perfectly fine
  3. these sites/apps have been working for several month as is with no issues and nothing has changed on my CF account either
  4. its intermittent and started yesterday early morning around 2am GMT+2 and last night it seems to have been resolved but started again this morning

it seems that some of the route between CF and the service providers (GoDaddy and AWS in this case) are experiencing issues which is causing this or some routing issue on CF side. cant think of any other reason but no one is confirming this from CF side or anywhere for that matter

hope someone can shed some light in this matter

Can you please post the ticket #?

here it is. 2167123

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