Intermittent redirect problem

We have an intermittent redirect error with our home url (and other urls). They are redirected with an added “/?uaid=pinterest” at the end of the link. (see image here: 2018-05-25_13-03-35.png).

The problem usually last 5 minutes then everything is back to normal. When that happens we are not doing anything abnormal on the website.
Since one month, we tried changing some settings, following what the documentation is recommending (Cloudlfare plugin, etc), but nothing fixed the problem. We are hosted with Kinsta (Ning server), with a Wordpress install. website url:

Any help would be appreciated.

Five minutes from when? I just opened it and there wasnt a redirect of that sort. My guess would be something JavaScript related. Are you using any Pinterest libraries or anything similar? Next time it happens open the developer tools with F12 and check if you can find more details as to where the redirect comes from.

When it happens - once every other day, it last for 5 minutes. So my clients see it and by the time they send it to me, it is usually gone. I was able to see it once but was too late to track it. We are not using any Pinterest libraries. We do use WPSSO.

In that case it is a bit difficult to debug.

There seems to be one file at which does have references to Pinterest, but I cant say either it that file is the reason for this redirection loop. You could temporarily disable that plugin to check if it fixes the issue.

Thank you, I will check this, although it does not seems to be this plugin, the Pinterest icon to share is not used in the website.

As I said, I cant say if it is this file or not. It is the only reference to Pinterest I could find on your site.

There are probably other possible explanations as well, but without being able to reproduce and debug it, it is quite hard to give any advice.

I know! that is the problem, not being able to reproduced the errors. I am thinking of installing a plugin to monitor errors, so I could find what triggers it. Thank you for trying to help.

My best recommendation at this point is still to debug it yourself (with the developer tools behind F12 in Firefox and Chrome), as the window seems to be quite short and once it happens it might be already over when you post here (or somewhere else). Do you have any cookie-dependent features? Could it be that?

yes, that could be cookies - I did not install everything on the website but they are using Optin Monster and Unbounce Landing pages which probably are using cookies.

Another idea might be to search your entire site (including any server side code) for uaid. Maybe something comes up.

really good idea - it looks like it is the SEO Redirection Premium have a lot n its redirection log, I will check that.

happening now with this page, just after I clicked on a link from Pinterest toward that page: Thoughts Are Not Facts - Mindful

see the redirects:
now I found a way to reproduced it, by clinking on any Pinterest links to ward

Thats not coming from JavaScript. Thats a 302 HTTP redirect and it seems to go in circles. The plain link redirects to the query string one and back again.

yes, I have no clue why - I disable the set redirect an emptied cloud flare cache and it is still there. Meanwhile in Chrome the error I snot there

Now we can probably exclude JavaScript. At this point I’d search the code for something of the sort of

header('Location: .....

Alternatively, the redirect could certainly also originate from the webserver. I’d check that configuration too.

I find the guilty plugin: WPSSO - thank you for your help on this.

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