Intermittent inbound network issue

Suddenly since around 6 pm UTC all my domains using Cloudflare do not respond or time out frequently. There is no incident reported and Cloudflare systems are all operational but all symptoms show this is Cloudflare issue.

Anyone having the same problem?

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I use Uptime Robot and have not been getting any alerts.

What are you seeing when they time out? Is it Cloudflare’s 524 error screen?

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When I opened the app’s UI, and manually hit some APIs, did not see any 524 error.

But our workers frequently reported ETIMEDOUT errors when connecting to the APIs, ie:
RequestError: connect ETIMEDOUT 10x.2x.4x.16x:443

And at the same time, Freshping reported our other subdomains going up and down intermittently. some are related to the app, some are not. Even our testing Cloudflare’s load balancer subdomain always notified the same ETIMEDOUT error. That’s how I highly suspected this is Cloudflare issue.

Furthermore, I checked with our server cloud provider and there was no issue from their end.

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Update: the issue has stopped at around 12 pm UTC.

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