Intermittent failure resolving


I am seeing intermittent SERVFAIL or timeout responses trying to resolve “” using public DNS. Other names like “” or even “” resolve 100% of the time. This is used all over the gmail webclient and causes a lot of errors and broken images.

Here is my link from

I see the same issue pointing nslookup directly to too.

I have access to another system which is hitting the IAD location instead of PHX and resolves fine there. Could there be some issue with the PHX location?

Hi, sorry to hear you ran into issue resolving I don’t see we have issue resolving this domain in PHX location, the responses were 100% NOERROR.

Can you share what rough time you made the query and share the dig/nslookup outputs?


I was noticing issues yesterday afternoon which would have been 3-4 PM here 10-11 PM GMT. I checked several times during the day today and it resolved correctly every time. Whatever was happening then isn’t happening now.

Unfortunately I didn’t save any of the nslookup output but was seeing random timeouts, some SERVFAIL and other times would only return the A or only return the AAAA.

I can keep an eye out and let you know if it happens again.

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