Intermittent error

For the last days a website has been giving a error when visited.

Just started happening to me as well… I’m also using Basic WordPress hosting with Godaddy.

Seeing the same issue on a couple GoDaddy sites. Supposedly removing all plugins helps (the tech from GoDaddy ripped them out by renaming the folder) but still seeing the issue and the 2 sites don’t use many common plugins. (The ones they do share I’ve disabled but not much help there.)

Hi @djoaquing, I am seeing the intermittent 520 error and also see mixed content issues. @nima.asghari are you still having issues? When talking with godaddy, find out if they have errors in their logs, perhaps read this good 520 error article before contacting them, and double-check to ensure they are not blocking Cloudflare IPs,

@cloonan thanks
I had a few first time visitors verify 520 error on first visit. Refresh the page and the site works perfectly fine!
@djoaquing I’m seeing the same thing with your site. once you refresh the page the site loads.

Using kproxy is showing similar result.

@cloonan I just fixed my mixed content problem, but this was something I had trouble with months before.
If the problem persists for another few minutes I will contact Godaddy with those suggestions. I think you are on the dot with those.

The two times I contacted chat support it was impossible getting past them not understanding that Cloudflare doesn’t expose the origin IP in the A record! Phone calls must be better. :sunny:

After a second 30 minute call, their answer was basically “stop using Cloudflare.” I’ve actually been happy with GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting and support till now but these 2 calls were pretty bad. It looks like the issue is happening about every 40 minutes (based on an automated uptime monitor.)

A reload fixes it, there don’t seem to be any other issues on the server or with the website. Might pause CF for a day and see what happens.

@whitney did you mention to them the suggestions cloonan had above?

Last I checked if i pause CF, previous visitors will still direct to https where there will be no SSL. Which causes problems, am I mistaking about that?

@djoaquing It seems like they can’t give a definitive answer of does Cloudflare work with their WP hosting. Changing hosts will be the option soon I think. Since disabling CF will make my site break too.

@nima.asghari Yep, did mention checking IPs. They more or less just kept saying it was a CF issue.

Casting another vote. I started another thread here.

Was anyone able to resolve it by talking to GoDaddy? Did everyone’s problem start roughly 72 hours ago?

Also, was anyone able to reproduce a failing request to the host? The only service unable to hit my pages seem to be Cloudflare itself

I’m also having the same problem across 3 websites that are on separate GoDaddy basic WordPress accounts.

Cloudflare ticket open and closed pointing to GoDaddy.
GoDaddy ticket open and closed pointing to Cloudflare.

Folks having 520 errors have you tried the troubleshooting steps with curl to test your origin bypassing Cloudflare ?

you’d need some form of terminal/SSH access

@eva2000 I sure did. Ran a test looping for hours, not a single failure (Well one, but my connection dropped out). Nothing near the 50/50 chance of failure CF is experiencing.

Also double checked that your servers logs and web app level are reading the visitor’s real IP address and not Cloudflare’s IP If that isn’t properly setup, your web app/script or web host might see Cloudflare’s IP instead of visitor IP and thus think it’s some form of attack from CF IP and block it for a period of time.

For example if you have some form of fail2ban implemented at web host/server origin and it may see CF IP and not real visitor IP and temp ban you for certain amount of time and then auto unban you. So that would play out where you see intermittent 520 errors as CF IP shown visitor requests to your origin are being temp banned/unbanned.

Is this doable on GoDaddy’s managed hosting? I was under the impression making such low level changes is not feasible.

Using Wordpress ? You can verify what visitor IPs are recorded if you check your wp admin page comments section logs which report commenter’s IP address and various wp plugins or wp-config.php code additions i.e. and other examples for various web apps at

But this will only fix web app level real IP detection. If the problem is at web server or web host firewall level, only web host would be able to fix it for shared hosting.

I can’t imagine that this is being caused by a setting that we didn’t change and can’t change.

The common denominator is GoDaddy basic WordPress hosting. But it’s not happening to all 6 of the sites I have in Cloudflare. Only 3.

This did start on my 2 sites about 72 hours ago on sites that have not changed in the previous 2 weeks. Using the CURL test didn’t show anything substantial but will be trying it again.

@nicholas.harvey.pers seeing the same thing. 2 out of 3 were showing it. In fact, managed to fix 1 site but it’s a really odd fix. GoDaddy had 2 IP addresses for one of my sites. In the panel it showed 1 IP and I had a different one in Cloudflare. Changing the CF IP to this “new IP” seems to have stopped the issues on that site (though the other IP still works for sFTP, go figure.)

However the remaining site errors fairly frequently, every 20 or so minutes based on my uptime monitor.

I wonder if CF blacklisted a set of IP’s from GoDaddy due to (whatever) reason, but it ended up hurting all the other sites in that range?