Intermittent error, but Ray ID isn't under Security > Events

I’ve had a few users report a 520 error today, and one sent me a screenshot where I can see the Ray ID:


This Ray ID isn’t found under Security > Events, though.

Where else might I find it while trying to find the source of the error?

The RayID would only appear under Security → Events if the connection was blocked by a security product.

A 5xx error indicates a problem with the connection to your server, and you’ll not find any further information about that on Cloudflare.

Any chance the users are from Germany? There was this problem earlier today:

I block non-US IPs, but it’s possible they’re using a VPN. I’m not sure if CF would block a US user with a VPN that’s from Germany?

Another user sent an Error ID, is there any way to track based on this?


Everything on my end seems fine; the server load is 0.36 and everything looks normal.

No, a VPN shouldn’t be the problem here.

Have you checked your server logs for the RayID? A 520 error would generally indicate a problem with your server configuration, but it’s pretty hard to debug.

You can see here for some more ideas:

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Good thought! I don’t see anything in /var/log/messages or any of the other logs, though :-/

There doesn’t appear to have been any more errors in the last 2 hours, so I’m going to chalk this one up to gremlins. But at least now I know how to track it when/if it happens again, so thanks for the info!

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