Intermittent error 520 on site for latst 15-20 days

Intermittent error 520 on site for last 15-20 days. It shows up on any platform, any time, one refresh and it’s gone.

One of the Ray ID: 687779ecfeeb005b

We have already allowed the Cloud flare IP addresses to the server firewall and made sure they are not blocked. Also application the server seems to be running without any error.

First, please try the fixes listed here:

If that doesn’t work, please read the following post with instructions on filing a ticket with CF support:

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I have already tried the listed fixes. Still issue persist.

So as part of we fixed an issue with origins silently ending a keepalive connection that was causing very rare 520 errors.

Thus we recommend testing again - if you still see 520s - make sure you follow the guidance in our community tip here:

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