Intermittent Daily Problem: Error establishing database connection

Yes, I am new to Cloudflare but I have searched the community and tried everything I can think of but I just need help. This problem started about a week after moving my nameservers. At first, everything was great. Now, at least once a day (at various times because of course there is no rhyme or reason), my site becomes unreachable and I get: Error establishing database connection. After 5 or 10 minutes, it resolves. My host says everything is fine on their end and they cannot find a reason for the issue. I sometimes see a spike in the number of requests about the time that the site fails. I am just at a loss and would appreciate any assistance.

Can you please provide more infos?
What application is running there. How many visitors and what is the domain?

Have you tried to debug this problem? When the page fires this error manually trying to establish a connection?

CloudFlare btw can not proxy Port 3306 which is the sandardport for MySQL and therefore I guess the problem can by definition not be at CloudFlares site.

At the same time when moving to CloudFlare have you also changed anything else?

No other changes were made when moving to Cloudflare. This is a WordPress site. The domain is How many visitors when? I have tried to debug the problem in that I have had my Host trying to track it down when the error is occuring. They updated the server logging to properly log traffic routed through Cloudflare. So if it happens they can potentially identify the offenders and ban them out properly. However, even when the error occurs, they are unable to replicate the issue and are not showing high CPU or database connections. They indicate that resources on the server-side appear to be stable.

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