Intermittent connection timeouts

Hello guys,
I have a rather unusual problem with my application.
For some internet operators in my country, the site does not open.
Or when loading, multiple .CSS files and images are not loaded.

Attached is a print of some files that had loading problems.
As you can see “fonts.css”, “home.css” and “mobile.css” loaded correctly and returned HTTP 200.

The other files returned HTTP error 522 and display a Cloudflare message that can not be accessed.

The strangest thing is that all files are on the same server, some in the same directory.

It seems to be a problem of DNS delivery of the CF.
Has anyone ever experienced this?

A 522 means the server isn’t responding for those resources. It is strange that some .css loads, but not others.

Is it the same files that aren’t loading?

Can you check the headers on the ones that are loading to see if if it’s a cf-cache HIT or MISS?

Currently I do not have the header of an item that is opening, only one that is not.
Usually the same files do not open, so do the images.

Censoring the URL does help a great deal in debugging the issue :wink:

I censored not to index, but the image does not make sense.
attached again

To index? You dont want your domain to appear here?

If that is so I’ll refrain from posting it as well, however can you open the following path under your URL and post the output /cdn-cgi/trace?

Attention, your domain will be in that output too, so redact it if you dont want it to show up.

I forwarded the domain in the previous reply

I know :slight_smile: hence the question if you dont want it mentioned at all.

But can you post the output of the given URL?

I took the liberty of adjusting your title meanwhile as this is not a DNS issue but a timeout issue between Cloudflare and your webserver.

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uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/69.0.3497.100 Safari/537.36

follows the header of the file that is opening

in Development Mode the site works normally

For me your site loads fine, there are no 522s, only a 404 because of the missing favicon.

There are however some timeouts when the site is hit simultaneously from several locations

Could it simply be that your server is overloaded? Do you get these errors every time or only occasionally?

I tested on another domain that I have hosted in the same structure and sitemeer has returned success.
I really do not know what could be happening.

The others sites are on the same server?

But again, do you get these errors every time or only occasionally?

The other domains are on the same server.
This is the first time I’m getting these errors.

But do you get them consistently now or only occasionally?
Again, I can load the site just fine.

Who maintains the server and the setup?

You filtered by CSS. Is there a reason for that? Do the timeouts only occur with CSS files?

In your screenshots, the 522 is for a resource that’s EXPIRED, but the 200 is for a resource that’s a HIT.

I’m shocked it’s working great in Dev mode, as that’s still going through Cloudflare. I’d expect it to be worse in Dev Mode because nothing is pulling from cache.

I’m going with what @sandro says in that there’s some sort of overload condition. Either it’s a genuine overload, or some sort of rate limit by the server or the firewall.

Do you have access to server or firewall logs to see if there are any errors with the same timestamp as the 522s?

I’m in contact with the company that manages and provides the firewall service to see if there is any block or anything of the kind.
But it really is very strange.

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