Intermittent connection timeouts occurs for my websites

Good Morning!

I am having intermittent timeouts on almost all of my websites hosted by Cloudflare.

The situation is that in every hours, only one of the users in the websites would experience the loading slowness. it happened randomly, for example, if this hour PC “AAA” experience slowness, other PC user won’t experience slowness, but in the next hours, PC "AAA " won’t experience slowness again, PC “BBB” would. the slowness would stand only 2 - 5 mins and then it works fine again.

If I turn off the proxied or using VPN then it would work properly without experience any slowness afterwards.

I have tried to exclude all the possibilities I can think of but it should doesn’t work.

This situation started suddenly, I haven’t made any changes or touch anything in the day when it happened. everything start went wrong.

Please see if someone can help guide me to understand what happen and provide me any possible solution to solve this issue.

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