Intermittent 526 in Full and Full (strict) mode

I have a Caddy web server at my origin and am experiencing intermittent 526 errors across multiple browsers.

When I open the Network Inspector in Chrome, I see that requests intermittently return 526. Requesting them directly in a new tab will sometimes at first return a 526 but then will eventually return the expected resource. Once the resource is returned, it will not fail again in a separate tab.

Is Cloudflare doing something with caching that is causing intermittent 526 failures?

There is some issue with the certificate on your origin server. Error 526 indicates Cloudflare is unable to successfully validate the SSL certificate on the origin web server. Check to make sure you have configured a valid certificate on your server. See this 526 Community Tip for suggestions.

I doubt this is the case because it is intermittent and specific to Cloudflare. The SSL config passes all online SSL testing tools with an A+. Is there a tool Cloudflare recommends for testing cert setup?

The curl in the CommunityTip is a good first step, it will give certificate details and let you know if the origin is reachable on port 443

I confirmed that already. I’m curious if there is something testable via cloudflare. Everything outside cloudflare is reporting no problems.

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