Intermittent 403 Errors for a few sets of users

Two of our customers are seeing this 403 page, which we believe is coming from Cloudflare, given the branding. However, we do not see any 403 responses or blocks in any of the Cloudflare reports (Analytics & Logs → Traffic OR Security → Analytics). It’s not all of the time, but there are periods where they will only see these errors. We’ve tried allowlisting their IPs and skipped WAF components and they are still seeing the issue.

All other customers seem to be fine.

Is it possible that these 403 errors are coming from Cloudflare, but not showing up anywhere in our reports? Or is this error page not coming from Cloudflare?

403 Error

It could be that this specific RayID request wasn’t logged on cloudflare, Could I ask you to open a request ticket with the support team to help you investigate this issue where you could also share with us a HAR file.

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