Intermitten high latency and timeouts from Philadelphia, PA

Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve been having problems contacting and/or, for example:

--- ping statistics ---
235 packets transmitted, 16 packets received, 93.2% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 6.971/79.271/517.938/154.706 ms

Now, I’ve never had an outage this long but it’s been ongoing for the past 20 minutes and it happens once a day. Whelp, I spoke to soon, appears Cloudflare is having problems with their network: Nevertheless, I still have the intermittent timeout at least once a day which is causing me to consider switching to another SSL provider. What are my options to deal with this? My ISP provider is Verizon. It just seems to me that is not as robust as


Thanks, I’ve actually been following Cloudflarestatus for the past hour, however this doesn’t address the secondary problem that I’m having which is the outage for 2-10 minutes per day for the past 2 months?