Intermitent outgage Cloudflare Argentina

Around 4am April 10 time Argentina cloudflare start suffer intermitent outgages in Argentina.
Somebody form the community see the problem.
Servers are hosted in OVH, and there is no problem in OVH.

I cant confirm is OVH itself, when problem happen OVH inform typical message can reach the host.
I testing the host form 22 different locations provides form Argentina and can reach the host.
At same time form that 22 point of test the DNSof cloudflare stop resovle, already test and the backup ip.
Is really strange but something is going wrong with cloudflare in Argentina right now.
The ourgage is absolutely random, short adn intermitent, I detected this outgages around 4am April 10.
Exist some mail or a more direct way to contact to cloudflare?

Cloudflare have multiple types of data centers, the lesser type consistently has intermittent outages (I don’t know why either)

Please check this site to see which COLO you are being routed to (replace with your domain)

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