Intermitent long waits on "Initial connection"

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Hello this is my frist time setting up a CDN, and have pretty basic knowledge, so please be gentle :slight_smile:

My current domains are:

my current issue is that i sometimes i get long “initial connection” around 1 to 2 min
This is not always the case and the majority of cases i get a pretty quick response.

What i did first was to test first which is proxied, wait until i got the long wait and then tried hitting directly to my server with my ip, this result on my site loading on the direct ip while was still loading…

my site is hosted on AWS behind an ALB

this is

also this happens on the “301” permanet move if i try with, which i think this is from Cloudflare… (tried to share a second picture but it wont let me, but this is same long waits but this time it took 2 min on the permanent move)

here is my direct request to my ALB (here i did the same request but to my direct ALB ip resulting on no wait on initial connection while the request to the proxied domain was still loading)

Also another interesting thing to notice is that while i try this from my pc… i tested the very same from my phone that is connected to the same wifi and the site loads just fine with no initial connection waits…

So im a bit lost, not sure where to look at, looks like the proxy is working but for some reason on some devices i have this pretty ugly delay.

Any guidance would be of great help please!

That looks like a browser issue:

hmmm im on linux rigth now, testing again using:

  • chrome took 2.2min again (same thing stalled and initial connection took 2.2min)
  • firefox - timed out

and on android phone using incognito chrome took another 2 min

Could you try on your side :confused:

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