Intermitent error 525

Hello! Since Sunday I have been geting intermittent 525 errors on my website, with nothing done on the server, cloudflare account, or on the website. I have full (strict) or full - trying out different potential solutions, a valid SSL on my server (let’s encrypt) and cloudflare’s origin SSL.
I have literally read every possible solution that is out there and tried most of them but they regularly suggest switching to flexible SSL. When I do this it I get 520 error - the main reason to switching to full was to get rid ot her 520 error that has haunted my dreams for some time. I have reinstalled every certificate on my server, disabled proxy, edited/deleted rules, made new .htaccess rules, deleted old ones, started from scratch, nothing. I have also contacted my host, as suggested in the troubleshooting tutorial, but there is nothing to debug in the server error logs. Even tried to submit a ticket to Cloudflare, but they just closed my ticket with no reply.
Any ideas, please? Thank you!

still nothing?


A 525 means Cloudflare could not establish a proper SSL connection to your server.

This typically is because of a firewall or some other security layer on your server. Do you have anything of that sort running on your server? Only a couple of days ago we had another thread about the exact same issue and it turned out to be a virus scanner on the server. Check for anything of that sort.

Make sure the addresses at IP Ranges can connect your server without any obstacles (e.g. rate limiting).

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