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The situation is that I lost access to my acanthus, when transferring the domain, and the support ignored me for more than two months, my site was unavailable for more than two months, I lost rank in Google and a lot of nerves, why is this happening in the service

That does not appear at all to be the case. Can you share a ticket number? I see 2955376 from yesterday and another ticket from several years ago. Neither related to 2FA.

Note that Cloudflare cannot enable or disable 2FA and I do not see any indication that 2FA is active in your account.

The only 2 month mention I see in your ticket from yesterday is actually wrt the 60 day icann hold. As my colleague mentioned, ICANN prohibits domain transfers within 60 days of a change to the WHOIS data or registrar of a domain. If you modified your contact information, transferred registrars, or registered your domain in the last 60 days, Cloudflare will be unable to process your transfer immediately.

You can leave the domain In Progress and Cloudflare will wait until after the 60-day window passes to attempt to process the transfer.

This information does not apply to .uk domains.

FAQ: FAQ ยท Cloudflare Registrar docs

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