Intercom Help Center & Cloudflare (Can we use cloudflare for a single dns setting?)


We’ve recently implemented Intercom into our application and we have implemented the custom sub domain from our site into the intercom help site we created. In order to secure it with ssl, the recommended approach is using cloudflare:

I began the process, but stopped when it looked like we needed to move all our dns settings from godaddy to cloudflare. We have a bunch of dns settings and all I really want is to secure our intercom/help site.

Is it possible to use cloudflare just for this one dns setting?

I believe that’s only available on an Enterprise Plan. Otherwise, the entire domain has to have full DNS that’s tied into Cloudflare.

And their suggestion to use Flexible mode to “secure” your custom subdomain is misleading, as it’s not secure between them and Cloudflare.

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Thank you for the inforamation sdayman. Interesting that they have some misleading information.

Really appreciate the help!

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