Intercepted by Login Authentication

I am the owner of this email ([email protected]). I can login cloudflare community because I can receive a confirmation email from the cloudflare community. But I have tried many times, and I have not been able to receive the verification code from Login Authentication.

From this speculation, I think there should be a bug in your mail system, which has caused me to be unable to login my own account.

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Quite likely not. I’ve never seen a time this wasn’t caused at the user end. Either they flagged a Cloudflare message as spam, messages bounced, or the user told Cloudflare to not send email from the dashboard.

You’d have to email support AT cloudflare DOT com and let them know you’re not receiving email. If you get an auto response, respond and let them know you’re still not receiving your login code. They need to clear the “do-not-contact” flag for your email address.

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