Intend to deprecate: running APO without Cloudflare for WordPress plugin

We launched APO with an ability to run in 2 different modes:

APO with a plugin integration:

  • HTML edge caching with 30 days TTL
  • 30 seconds or faster cache invalidation
  • Bypass HTML caching for logged in users
  • Bypass HTML caching based on presence of WordPress specific cookies
  • Decrease load on origin servers. If a request is fetched from Cloudflare CDN Cache we skip the request to the origin server.

APO without a plugin integration:

  • HTML edge caching with 30 days TTL.
  • Cache invalidation may take up to 30 minutes. A manual cache purge can be triggered to speed up cache invalidation.
  • Bypass HTML caching based on the presence of WordPress specific cookies.
  • No decreased load on origin servers. If a request is fetched from Cloudflare CDN Cache we still require an origin response to apply cache invalidation logic.

The idea behind 2 distinct modes was to provide best integration possible (APO with a plugin) and the simplest way to start using the feature (APO runs independently). The later is a compromise on the feature set but we weren’t sure all customers will be eager to install additional plugin on the server.

What we learned since the launch is that 98% of the customers runs APO with a plugin. It’s a strong signal that most of you eager to get the best features available. So we want to double down on providing the best integration with WordPress ecosystem possible by focusing on running APO exclusively in combination with WP plugin.

We intend to disallow enabling APO without a plugin for new customers, existing customers will be intact. Going forward we will work with 2% of customers who run APO without plugin on a migration plan.

This change allows us to simplify codebase and mental model on how APO operates, this means faster iteration cycle and decreased change of introducing bugs.


Thanks @yevgen for the heads up!

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We are planning to go forward with the intend to deprecate APO usage without WordPress plugin. Our latest data shows that 23% of customers are using APO without installed plugin on the origin, seems like our original stats (2%) were incorrect.

First step: we will prevent enabling APO without WordPress plugin on the API level.
Next step: is to notify customers with APO to install WordPress plugin in the next month.

We also would like to know if there are valid concerns/issues with WordPress plugin installation for folks who use APO without it. You are welcome to respond in the thread or DM me.


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HTML edge caching with a 30-day TTL is a little intimidating. I have a sidebar widget that display recent comment. Does Cloudflare APO purge cache when comment is sent? Is there any setting that can override the 30-day TTL to 30-minutes?

Yes, we purge cache on new comment. 30-day TTL can be changed with Edge TTL Page rule.

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Is APO compatible with LSCache?

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