Integrity mismatch warning due to integration of cloudfare with rocket loader


Hi guys,

We are facing some strange issue on our shopify store after the integration of cloudfare with rocket loader.
The issue is while navigating the pages, if the scroll position is in middle of the page it automatically takes user to the top of the page(something like scroll to top effect).
When i check the console of the browser I see warnings as shown in the screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot.

The warning message says “A preload for … is found, but is not used due to integrity mismatch.”
And another message says “The resource “resource URL” was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window’s load event. Please make sure it has an appropriate as value and it is preloaded intentionally.”

The same code on our dev store is working completely fine without cloudfare integration.

When I check the code there are few defer parsing javascipt for which this warning is being dispayed as shown in the screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot . These scripts are added by shopify itself form {{content_for_header}}, which cannot be modified by us.

Could anybody please explain what this warning means and how to fix this?

Any help is really appreciated!!

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