Integration with Whereby

I’m attempting the use Whereby (whereby . com) to host online video conferences. The goal is for hosts or meeting participants in my app to be presented with a Whereby video conferencing UI, while non participants will see a streamed video of the conference.

I’ve successfully created a Live Input via the API and obtained the RTMP url and stream key. And I successfully passed those to Whereby. However when streaming the video is unviewable on Cloudflare stream. When the streaming stops, the saved videos are still unviewable. It basically only shows the thumbnail, but when I attempt to play the video it errors out. Looking at the browser console several entries in the HLS or Dash list show multiple 404 errors.

Only when I go and enable download MP4 video in the Cloudflare console, download the video, and play it on my local browser does the video play. I reached out to Whereby’s support to see if it’s an issue on their end.

Incidentally if I attempt to stream from OBS to the same Live Input it streams fine. Any insights to what the issue could be?

One update is that if I run a Whereby meeting and connect it to a Cloudflare Stream Live Input and then also add Youtube as an output to my Live input, the stream runs fine in Youtube (albeit with a delay). However both on the player in Cloudflare Stream control panel, as well as including the the HLS and Dash urls in my site via the video tag fails to play. The recorded video also fails to play, and only after downloading it as an MP4 do I get playback.