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Hello, just trying to integrate my domain with my account. They require “Step 3.1 Create a CNAME with root (Namecheap or Cloudflare) If you make use of Namecheap or Cloudflare hosting service providers, then you need to create a CNAME record from root to the same destination you used with the www CNAME record:” It is the last step.
However, I was guided instead to this page to add a Page Rule for forwarding instead.

Redirect with Page Rules

To configure URL forwarding or redirects using Page Rules:

  1. Log in to your [Cloudflare accountOpen external link] (, and select your account and domain.
  2. Go to Rules > Page Rules.
  3. Under Page Rules, select Create Page Rule.
  4. Under If the URL matches, enter the URL or URL pattern that should match the rule.
  5. In Pick a Setting, choose Forwarding URL from the drop-down menu.
  6. For Select status code, choose 301 - Permanent Redirect or 302 - Temporary Redirect.
  7. Enter the destination URL.
  8. Select Save and Deploy Page Rule.

So I have put in URL: (no spaces)
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

Is this correct??? It doesn’t seem to be working still in

Here are the DNS instructions from and the 2 articles from Systeme and Cloudflare.

I’m on Step 3.1 via the Systeme instructions here:


and here are Cloudflare’s instructions:

Just can’t figure out how it should look. I did this:

Your redirect is working, but just for the home page.

Change the rule to match to* and the destination URL to$1.

That’s it! Thank you! I had actually done this before but didn’t know it was working and was told to change it back. I’m glad this was resolved. Thank you so much!!!