Integration with cloudflare and ezoic gives me problems


I’ve had my Cloudflare account running my wordpress website for weeks and have had no issues so far.

As soon as I added the Cloudflare account on ezoic for the integration, my website started crashing, giving me a version of my website from a couple of days ago, I deleted the Cloudflare cache and it still shows me an older version of my site Web. . .

When I disabled the integration with Cloudflare, the current version of my website came back.

I installed the ezoic plugin to integrate it and it works without any problem, but I think it is a better option to integrate it with Cloudflare, right?

What is the reason for this issue?


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Probably not, given it broke your website.
What benefits would that integration bring that you were hoping to add? If it’s not bringing value then it may be better to go without it since that works.

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What seems strange to me is where that version of my website comes from, if I have cleaned the cloudflare cache, until I deleted all the configuration, taking the DNS back to my hosting provider and back to cloudflare

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