Integration of SIEM tool

I want to integrate a my organization’s SIEM tool to my account.

A little bit more information would be useful, such as:

What SIEM are you using? What Cloudflare plan are you on? What data do you want to “integrate”? What have you tried? What happened?

To put it another way, “Is there a question?”.

it is called ‘Tacivoar’.
i want to be able to monitor activities on my website and domain.
there was an incident where our cloudlfare was hacked and traffic was redirected.

Hi Michael. Reminder

To get useful logs you will need to use Logpush, which requires an Enterprise plan.

So what it means is that all SIEM integration requires enterprise plan?

Logpush is the easiest way.

An alternative is to use workers which can log on paid worker plans. I forget the names, but there are some companies that offer this as a logging solution.

Or you can do it yourself, like this…