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Hi everyone! I’m very green and not a techy so I would love some support, please. :slight_smile:

I started implementing Cloudflare last week. I bought my domain through Go Daddy (since Bluehost doesn’t sell domains), host with Bluehost and, yes, I’ve just implemented Cloudflare. As of last week, my DNS on GoDaddy now point to Cloudflare instead of Bluehost. Everything’s still working fine, https secure and everything. No complaints and happy.

However, when I chat with Bluehost, they tell me they are no longer hosting my site (, as it’s now being hosted by Cloudflare. I’m confused. Therefore, why am I still paying Bluehost for hosting? I.e. why doesn’t everyone who is paying for a hosting provider such as Bluehost or other, just switch to free CDN hosting by Cloudflare instead? I mean, Cloudflare is a free CDN so page load times are faster globally. How do companies like Bluehost stay in business when they’re not a CDN and they’re charging fees?

Forgive me if I sound ignorant but I’m new to all of this and learning as fast as I can. I’m an editor and teacher by trade, not a techy.

I had thought from a previous chat with Bluehost that I still needed Bluehost as my origin server and Cloudflare just integrates with Bluehost as that origin server. Is this still true? Am I supposed to keep using both together or does Cloudflare eliminate the need for hosting providers such as Bluehost altogether?

This whole discussion stemmed from me chatting with Bluehost today. On Cloudflare’s Crypto tab, there’s an option to “Generate a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare to install on your origin server.” The help button goes on to explain “Cloudflare Origin Certificates are free TLS certificates issued by Cloudflare that can be installed on your origin server to facilitate end-to-end encryption for your visitors using HTTPS.” I chatted with Bluehost and they said they are no longer hosting my site, Cloudflare is. They made it sound like I’m paying Bluehost for nothing now(?), well, as of last week when I implemented Cloudflare. And I’m still unsure whether I need to install Cloudflare’s TLS certificate on my origin server and whether I still have an origin server at all since Bluehost are saying they are no longer my origin server(???).

Would love some clarification on this if anyone out there is up for it. Thank you in advance.


That is horribly wrong, as CF is just what shows up on any “who hosts this website” page (they just show AS info).

Did you contact bluehost via your account panel or while logged in? Chances are the support personnel couldn’t find your website or account.

As for SSL, I believe bluehost offers free LetsEncrypt certificates, which would also work. Is there an option for this in the control panel?


They verified me in the tech support chat as they do and they looked into my site history and account with them. I tried two different people at their help desk chat team. The first one was completely lost so I exited the chat and started a new one with someone else there.

The second person sent me this link (, giving me Cloudflare’s IP address vs Bluehost’s IP address. The one’s ending in 154.8 are Cloudflare’s. That combined with the fact my DNS at Go Daddy no longer point to Bluehost but now point to Cloudflare were the two reasons which convinced me that Bluehost is actually no longer hosting my site. (The only reason I bought my domain through Go Daddy and not Bluehost is because Bluehost don’t sell domains).

I had an SSL certificate activated by Bluehost last year but they told me this was deactivated when I signed on to Cloudflare last week, when that Cloudflare has provided a free SSL accordinly. This all seemed to fit with the fact that they are no longer hosting my site but Cloudflare is (although, I’m still paying Bluehost for hosting since I only implemented Cloudflare last week).

It all doesn’t sound right to me. My original understanding before implementing Cloudflare was that Bluehost remains my origin server and so Bluehost are still needed. My understanding was that Bluehost hosting works in conjunction with Cloudflare, and that Cloudflare pulls the site from the origin server at Bluehost. But both of their tech convinced me that I’m no longer with Bluehost since I activated Cloudflare last week.

So, I’m at a loss now. I want to complete Task 4 in the set-up of Cloudflare ( which, on the Crypto tab, tells me to “Generate a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare to install on your origin server.” But Bluehost say they can’t help me because I’m no longer using their service. They referred me back to Cloudflare, saying I need support from Cloudflare regarding this matter because it doesn’t involve them since I’m hosting with Cloudflare now.

Who is correct here? Do I go back to Bluehost and tell them they’re wrong or are they in fact right?


Well…obviously, we think we’re right. :wink:. Then again, so do they. :man_shrugging:

It sounds like they went out of their way to deactivate your certificate. You don’t see an option there to turn it back on?

Here’s what I hope is good news:

That’s where you can paste a certificate that you get from Cloudflare Dashboard -> Crypto -> Origin Certificates (Create Certificate). “Let Cloudflare Generate the CSR…” Just click NEXT and you’ll get the certificates you can paste in at Bluehost. And paste them into your personal notes at home because Cloudflare won’t show you the Private key a second time, though you can delete and re-generate it.


No way! I just totally did that by myself! I can’t believe it. :smiley:

@sdayman, thank you! I asked Bluehost to help me out with this earlier today and now, using the link you found, I was able to complete this step myself. Thank you.

@Judge, I’m going to believe you that I still need Bluehost as my origin server because that seems sensible to me, regardless of the information Bluehost gave me themselves today.

Legends, both of you. Thank you!


How do you use Cloudflare when your domain is registered with GoDaddy and Hosting is Bluehost? I’m in this situation and I didn’t know how to do it? Could you please help ?


In your situation, you set up your site here, then change settings at GoDaddy to use Cloudflare DNS. You don’t need to make changes at BlueHost.


Mine is site using wordpress. But When I give cloudflare DNS, its not reflecting the pages which I created and uploaded in Bluehost.


What’s your domain?



Also I see SSL not enabled.


It looks like it’s pointed to a parked domain at GoDaddy. Your DNS records here should match the ones in your BlueHost account. You will have to copy from BlueHost and Paste into Cloudflare DNS.


When I copy the IP from bluehost

Cloudflare is not accepting
I’m getting the follwing Error
“DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): Content for A record is invalid. Must be a valid IPv4 address (Code: 9005)”


Not the Name Server records. You need the “A” record IP addresses for and www.

It looks like in the past, you’ve use IP addresses that end in .32 and .34. But those are GoDaddy.
If you can’t find IP addresses for your website, ask BlueHost for the IP address of your web server. BlueHost tends to not help if you’re using Cloudflare Name Servers, but be persistent.

If all else fails, go back to GoDaddy and set your name servers back to bluehost, and then go back to BlueHost and look for IP addresses and take a screenshot.


How do I get it from Bluehost?


It worked now, but SSL is not showing, how to include SSL??

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