Integrating with cloudflare

My domain and web hosting was/is bought from Bluehost or is registered in Bluehost. But, now, I have changed my website hosting to Hostinger. But my domain is still there in Bluehost. My new hosting, i.e, Hostinger tells me to point my name servers from Bluehost to Hostinger. And I have already pointed it to Hostinger.
now, my question is, how can I integrate it with Cloudflare name servers?

You’d have to use Cloudflare nameservers instead of Hostinger, otherwise you won’t be able to use Cloudflare services.

Unless Hostinger has some special reason to use their nameservers (they probably won’t), then you should swap over to the Cloudflare nameservers and set up your DNS records, and then go from there.

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