Integrate Ezoic via Cloudflare

I want to integrate ezoic via cloudflare. When I added the website to Cloudflare, it asks me to create DNS records. My first question is what sort of DNS records I should create. Second, should I create a record with Cloudflare IP?

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When you integrate your domain with Ezoic, you must manage your DNS records from your Ezoic dashboard. It will overwrite any DNS changes that you make directly in Cloudflare.

Create whatever records you need to reach your site and other services. Only you can answer that. It is quite common to have an entry for the apex name like and often www. If your origin server has an IPv4 address you create an A record. IPv6 addresses require AAAA records.

Only if you want visitors to see an Error 1000 page instead of your website.

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