Integrate Bing Ads conversion tracking + amount with Zaraz

Can someone point me in the direction on how to properly set Bing Ads conversion tracking, with the conversion amount, by using the triggers and actions?

We’re using the Google Tagmanager dataLayer.

I now have:
Rule type: Match rule
Variable name: checkout (from dataLayer, is that correct?)
Match operation: Contains
Match string: ecommerce.checkout.products.0.price

Firing trigger: The one above
Event action: checkout
Event category: Bookings (this one is not required i assume?)

Conversions seem to be recorded, the amount not.

Is there a possibility to view stats on Cloudflare? Like how many users, pageview, conversions?

Hi, you shouldn’t need to use triggers for this. Go to Zaraz → Settings and enable “E-commerce tracking”. Then go to Zaraz → Bing, click ‘Settings’ and also enable E-commerce tracking there. That should “Enable forwarding of Zaraz E-commerce API events to Bing UET as part of the enhanced e-commerce tracking feature”

Hey @pepijn, if you still need help, my advice is to ask on the Discord group or reach out to me directly. This type of question needs a bit more followups to understand exactly what you’re trying to do.