Insufficient permission to transfer domain

I’m seeing the same issue. I have had a domain with GoDaddy for several years now. Signed up for a free cloudflare account a week ago. The domain shows up under websites as active and DNS is now managed by cloudflare. But when I click the ‘transfer to cloudflare’ on the domains dashboard I get this same ‘insufficient permissions’ error. I tried adding billing information thinking that may be issue but no luck.

Have you verify your account ?

My Domain and user account both show as ‘active’. Is there some place else I should look for seeing if I haven’t been verified?

… Just finally found things. Documenting for others…

While my login was Active it wasn’t verified. When I went into my user account I saw it was showing as unverified, they hid it pretty well. After a quick verify, domain transfer immediately became an option.


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