Insufficient HTTPS coverage in GSC due to Cloudflare

I have just received an Error in new search console page experience report regarding insufficient HTTPS coverage.

In Google forum they are saying this is due to Cloudflare SSL and some old browser doesn’t support it.

Fix this https issue in Cloudflare

Are you using Flexible SSL Mode?

I have the same problem. I use strict SSL and the problem appeared in the console appeared at about the same time Cloudflare notified me of enabling HTTP/3 on my site. Could this problem be related to HTTP/3 feature? I’m considering switching back to HTTP2 temporarily.

I am using full mode and I have SSL certificate in Hostinger

I have HTTP2 and stills getting the error.

I got an answer in GSC forum but not satisfactory answer.

Some others telling to enable HSTS in Cloudflare to solve insufficient https coverage issue in page experience tab

That’s pretty much what’s going on in this thread:

Has anyone figured this out yet?

Apparently it’s a bug in the search console.


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