Insufficient diversity of nameserver's IP addresses

Hi wanted to set the 2 Nameservers from cloudflare to my domain provider that holds my “*.de” domain.
Sadly a rule of DENIC says that the IP of the nameservers cannot be replicated. This is the case for Cloadflare as both nameservers point to the same IP.

I get the following error from DENIC: Insufficient diversity of nameserver s IP addresses (# expected, # found) (2, 1)]

This is also described here:

Do you know a workaround or is this service just not for german users?

The two assigned NS point to different IPs for me though. Are you sure you did the correct lookup or you didn’t paste the same one?

Also your domain (found in the link) isn’t added to Cloudflare at all, you need to add it first.

Thanks for the quick answer. It is very funny but I checked again and the IP addresses of the 2 NS did change suddenly. I’m sure that they were the same before as I have the failure message from my DNS provider which states that the IPs are same and also my ping history showed the same.

Anyhow after 3 days it was fixed probably by an automatic IP refresh ^^

The thing is that I don’t see domain being active on Cloudflare. As in the Cloudflare NS do not reply anything about your domain

Oh the link to and the domain do not belong to me. I just linked this from a different user that had the same problem. But as I wrote the IP is updated now and it works. I guess it was just a rare state that both servers had same IPs.

Oh, understood.

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