Instapage and CloudFlare


Hi, I am intending to use an web builder service in order to get to marketing people the able to build some landing pages.

My question is: Instapage is fully compatible with Cloud Flare HTTP full proxy? In negative case, which services are compatible to CloudFlare?

Thank you.


Almost every web service and web software is compatible with Cloudflare, the only difference between Cloudflare and non-Cloudflare is that the CDN will likely speed up the browsing experience and a few technical changes that usually don’t break anything.

Before signing up for a service, it would be advised to ask them whether or not they support Cloudflare - most of the time it will work without any changes but sometimes security measures might detect Cloudflare as a malicious IP address since all visitors visiting the website will show up as coming from the same IP address.


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