Installing WARP

I installed WARP on my desktop PC. I can see it in my Start items. But when I click on the WARP icon, nothing happens. How do I know if it is set up properly and working?

Find the :grey: icon in the notification area: :


OK, I just found it and tried to complete the installation/registration process. But I got an error saying my “internet connection was not private.”

My ISP is Comcast and I’m using an Orbi router. They are both password protected. What do I need to do to get this fixed?

Did you turn it on?

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I tried to do that and it generated the error msg “internet is not private.” And the button says “disabled.”

UPDATE: Sorry, I didn’t realize you needed to click on the button to turn it on. When I did that it now says “connected.” All is cool now. And thanks!!

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