Installing third-party multidomain SSL certificate

I have a single multi-domain SSL certificate (not from Cloudflare) that I want to use for all my domains and subdomains on Cloudflare (about 50 domains/subs). When I uploaded it for the first of my Cloudflare domains, I received a message saying “This certificate has a SHA256WithRSA signature algorithm. It will be added to your certificate pack for [all my other domains]”. Does this mean I don’t need to individually upload it for the other domains? I.e., did uploading it for one upload it for all? Just want to be sure.

Assuming it uploaded successfully, do you now see it on your other domains? I wouldn’t think it would work that way but maybe. Maybe even check in a few hours, propagating the new SSL may take extra time for some locations.

I did not see it on my other domains, in spite of that message. I’ve gone ahead and installed it for each individual domain – we’ll see what happens.

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