Installing the cloudflare analytics script

I’m using Wordpress with the Trellis theme, and since installing it I feel like my analytics have not been right.

If I go to the landing page for my account and click on click on “web analytics” and then “view analytics for your site,” it shows about 800-900 visitors in 24 hours.

But If I go to the landing page and click on my site and go to the dashboard, the overview shows 10-20 visitors per 24 hours. This page was showing 1500-1800 visitors in 24 hours before I installed the new theme.

I know from other analytics that my traffic has been level or gone up since installing the new theme. So I don’t think I’ve embedded the script in the right way.

My old theme had a back-end slot specifically for analytics scripts. Trellis doesn’t. It has a “hooks” page. Cloudflare says to put the script before the closing /body tag. And I don’t have that option. I can only add it after the content or at the end of the /body tag. I chose the former.

anyone have any thoughts on how to install it property and how to reconcile the two different sets of analytics on cloudflare?

Hello, would you send me a message which domain you are using for your website? I can take a look. Please do not reply here but send me a direct message. Thank you.

Most users can’t DM here. But if you DM them first, they can reply.

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I’m not sure what you mean by message domain. are you asking for my URL?

we aren’t seeing the js snippet installed on your website. we recommend adding the snippet before the ending body tag, but if you have installed it after the content (not sure what content means here) it should appear in the source of your webpage.

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I reinstalled it in a place that I think is before the closing /body tag. I can see it in the source code. But i’m still not 100% sure it’s in the right place.

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Verified. it should work, we’ve verified the data is being reported.

Awesome. Thanks for confirming.

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