Installing SSL on subdomain:

I want to install SSL on my subdomain of my website.
How do I do so? Thank you.

Are you getting a subomain too deep error? I think Advanced Certificate Manager is the solution you need

I get server error messages in my Gmail when I’m trying to set up to be able to check my work email. I was told by my hosting support that. “you need to login to the Cloudflare account and enable SSL for your mail server then try again.” I think my SSL is already enabled, but where do I check this?

Go here,

What is the domain name? I can check the settings.

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Y, ssl is enabled.

If you go here, note there are two records with red :warning: symbols, I suspect you want to address both of them but suspect it’s the MX record that is affecting your email. There is a good email trouble shooting #tutorial that may assist with correcting the record name for the MX record

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