Installing Cloudflare plugin broke my site

I paid for the plugin and uploaded the zip and activated it. But now my site is broken, at least the dashboard. I deactivated and deleted the plugin. And deleted it in Plesk. This did not restore my site. Can someone help?

Cloudflare WordPress plugin, if that’s what you’re talking about, is free.

Which plugin have you paid for? Can you provide a link?

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No, I guess I paid for Automatic optimization of my free plan for $5.00 a month. I also uploaded the Cloudflare plug-in and activated it but now the Dashboard of my site seems to be without CSS…it’s mostly text.

Please visit your WP dashboard with Dev Tools on (F12 on Chrome), and see what error messages show up on the Network/Console tabs. This will make it easier for you to start to troubleshoot the issue.

Failure to load styles…so it was akin to CSS.

Does it give a reason?

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