Installing a wordpress blog onto the root domain for my shopify store


I would like to install a Wordpress blog onto the root domain for my Shopify store using a subdirectory (not a subdomain). I called Shopify and researched how to build a Wordpress blog on Shopify using a subdirectory (rather than subdomain) and as far as i can tell it’s not possible [see attachments].

After a lot of more research though, I learned that it might be possible to have a Wordpress blog in a subdirectory of Shopify via a reverse proxy (but we may need to have our own virtual private server to do so). This was the article that offered that possible solution - all the others literally said subdomain is the only way…

I was hoping that someone could tell me if what i’m trying to accomplish is possible using Cloudflare or by another means and if so, How? Any information you can share is greatly appreciated, Thank You!!


Maybe something like this in Workers:

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