Installed Warp for Windows but it doesn't run

Downloaded and installed Warp for windows(10).
But when I run I get:


Have you opened it and turned it on? Check your system tray

It should look like this


Make sure you are using these settings

Its working for me fine


It’s not working for you, since it says warp=off.

If it doesn’t work, send a bug report. The Community will be a slower way to get help in this case, the team there is pretty responsive.

Hello, im having same issue. i dont know how to config all these settings. i dont have a site im running or anything.
the button slis back forth. thatsabout it. i cant even select the “warp” option. its all greyed out
i made a bug report. searched thru the forums for some advice. what else should i do?

Send a bug report.

I will close this topic. For Cloudflare application bugs (Windows, macOS, iOS or Android) the best course of action is to contact the team from within the app itself by submitting a bug report. There is a button for it on the main UI.

I uninstalled and installed. This time I got the Warp program and I turned it on. Then it disappeared and now it’s no where to be found. I can click on the app icon and for a second it seems like something is running but that’s it. There are no choices. And I have no idea if it’s running or not.

Since I cannot access the app I cannot submit a bug report from within the app.

Hi @ronaldgans56,

Don’t you see the icon in your system tray, even if you expand it if the icons aren’t all shown?

NO. Do not see it. That is to say, I can add the app to my Start menu and it’s there but when I click on it, nothing hapens.

Yes, it won’t open from the start menu. It can be found in the system tray in the bottom right.

not on my computer.

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